Apartments in Levanto


The housing complex is placed in the residential area on Levanto’s hills.
The living system is made up with 4 apartments placed on two levels. They are separated by typical walls of slate, which are employed as coverings in different parts of the house.
Each apartment is 70 square meters wide and it has an independent entrance.
The two apartments on the ground floor have a private pool, which is exposed to the south and it’s possible to reach it from the wide windows of the living room. They also have an external, paved and half-covered area, which can host a summer living room and a car park. Here there is a battery, capable of storing the energy for the whole house and for the electric car recharge.

The apartments on the second floor have wide terraces and their glass parapets host the solar panels. The entrance of the two upper-floor apartments is placed in the side area of the housing complex and they include covered and sheltered lift and stairs.



Summary chart of Cellula’s construction system:

Ceiling Wall Floor
Transmittance U (W/m2K) 0,12 0,11 0,10
Attenuation f (adimens.) 0,14 0,19 0,12
Phase-shift Φ (hrs) 13h 31’ 10h 32’ 13h 10’
Periodic Transmitt. Yie (W/m2K) 0,02 0,02 0,01
Surface Mass Ms (Kg/m2) 88,73 85,57 88,53


There is no interstitial condensation and it is checked in compliance with UNI EN ISO 13788 standard (Glaser’s Method).

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