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  • Where can I place Cellula units?

    Everywhere: flats or sloping grounds, previously with the construction of a base and the release of a permit by local authorities.

  • How many units can I assemble together?

    There are no limits to Cellula combinations. The units can be horizontally unified in all the desire formats. It is possible to add two units vertically, but you can plan more complex and with several storey buildings.

  • How much does Cellula units transport cost?

    The transport costs are included in the final cost. The price is fixed at the beginning of the project and it changes anymore. No additional costs. For extraordinary transports (for example by helicopter), there can be additional costs.

  • Can be Cellula units transported everywhere?

    Yes, if the final destination place can be reached by a road, which allows the transit of a heavy vehicle. Otherwise the units can be transported by extraordinary means of transport or by helicopter according to the different requirements.

Areas of use

  • Can I use Cellula as first house?

    Yes, Cellula has all the typical features of a traditional house in addition of all the technologies and details of construction, which make it modern.

  • Can I use Cellula as accommodation for tourist trade?

    Yes. Cellula units can be adapted to every kind of use. Our architectural firm is available to customer in order to design every kind of plan.

  • Cellula units can be united with other already existing permanent structures?

    Yes, Cellula is a system of units which can be united with other permanent structures or prefabricated buildings, in case of expanding or adding storeys to an already existing building.

  • Are there particular limitations as the environmental impact concerns?

    No, Cellula is an eco-friendly solution and it respects the environment. The production of electric energy from renewable sources allows it to be energy independent and to reduce the environmental impact. The base on which the units are placed can be removed after its life cycle, without any signs. For these reasons, Cellula can be defined as a “Zero Waste” product.

  • Can I place Cellula units in potentially seismic areas?

    Yes. The high flexibility of the steel frame, together with the materials involved in the construction, make Cellula a possible solution also in potentially seismic areas, reducing the risks derived from collapses.

  • Can I move my Cellula house?

    Yes. If you want to change the place of residence or of holiday, Cellula can follow you and you can move it wherever you want with a low cost.


  • Are Cellula “custom-made” houses?

    Yes. Our design studio is available to customer in order to create a “custom-made” living space. Cellula is designed for its inhabitants and their specific needs.

  • Can I choose the exterior and interior finishing?

    Yes. During the design step, it is possible to choose among several kinds of format, cladding, furniture and technological equipment.

  • Which kinds of furniture and technological equipment are possible to be chosen?

    For the furnishing, we depend on the Cellula producers, but you are free to choose and use every kinds of furnishing you want. You can also install in your house all the technologies provided by the market.

  • Are there limits of configurations with more than one unit?

    Cellula in now designed and certified to create two-storey buildings. It’s possible to create multilevel buildings by using a principal load-bearing frame. As a consequence there are no limits of configuration for Cellula.
  • How many units can I add to create multilevel buildings?

    The multilevel buildings require a load-bearing frame. The design, the plan and the creation of these structures are carried out at our company.

  • Can I add or remove Cellula units?

    Cellula modularity follows your life cycle. If the family grows, you can add a new Cellula unit. On the contrary, you can remove a unit and this can be adapted to create a new house.


  • How much does a Cellula unit cost?

    The price depends on the number of Cellula units you use and the required finishing. The final price is calculated according to the personalization and the materials chosen by the customer and it is fixed once the plan is designed.

  • If I would like to buy several units and put them together is it possible to estimate a “custom-made” plan?

    Yes. We suggest an initial budget and if it is approved, we present the plan in details, where we indicate all the costs.

  • Is the transport included in the final price?

    Yes, the transport costs are included in the Cellula final cost. When the plan is designed and the cost is fixed, we require no more additional costs. For extraordinary transports (for example: by helicopter) we can estimate extra costs.

  • Is Cellula price turnkey? Which are the extra costs?

    The estimated price is fixed after the approval of the plan and it changes no more and it will not require extra costs.

  • Can I finance Cellula as the first house?

    Yes, it is possible to finance the project as first house.
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