CELLULA is a product of Costruzioni Insonorizzate Metalliche Srl, in short CIM S.r.l.

For several years CIM S.r.l. has been producing metallic structures for the energy field. They are installed all over the world and the company management is in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

During the years the personnel has reached a high level of qualification and so the company could indicate the CE mark on its products and its production cycle is in compliance with UNI EN 1090 standard.

In addition to personnel qualification, there is also a knowledge and expertise of regulations in order to guarantee high levels of quality. The final result is the creation of CELLULA’s construction system.

One of the main goals of CIM S.r.l. is represented by the clear and trusted relationship between CIM and the customer. It is important to reach the customer’s satisfaction.

The others CIM S.r.l.’s goals are the constant research of advanced materials, the keep-up-to date in terms of regulations and the improvement of production activity. These aims are the grounds of CELLULA’s construction system.

CIM S.r.l.’s customers recognize its reliability and precision and these important elements have let us overcome the current negative economic situation.
The launch on the market of CELLULA has been possible after having tested the unit “Cellula Zero” for 18 months. It was necessary to check its reaction to different weather conditions and to the season’s changes. The result of the test has been positive and CIM S.r.l. has started to commercialize its new product, which is really innovative in the construction field.

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